NEVS and AutoX to collaborate on large scale RoboTaxi deployment in Europe

Swedish EV manufacturer NEVS and the Autonomous Vehicle start-up AutoX have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership to integrate AutoX ́s Autonomous Drive technology in NEVS’ next-generation vehicle architecture.

NEVS/Evergrande acquires British automotive technology company Protean Electric.

NEVS/Evergrande acquires British automotive technology company Protean Electric to speed roll-out of innovative propulsion technologies for next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles.

Open positions

At NEVS, we are way pavers, change makers, solution finders. For us, the future is bright and mobility is clean. We see that every individual has a part to play in shaping a better, cleaner future for all. Join us for the ride.

New grips when NEVS establishes in Shanghai

Swedish electric car maker NEVS takes a whole new approach to creating intelligent electrical roads, a whole "ecosystem" of different networks: transport, energy and information. This network, called "Tri-network", was opened in June 2018 in the "NEVS Shanghai Industrial Base" in conjunction with the start of NEVS new car factory and innovation center in Shanghai.

NEVS makes Swedish acquisitions for "Tri-network"

In conjunction with a ceremony in the G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley in Shanghai, it was clear that NEVS's main owner, Kai Johan Jiang, through his company NMEH has bought into the company Mimer, while NEVS is about to enter as a partner in Elways.


Autonomous drive, interactive glass for input and feedback, using data for future mobility experiences and more innovation news.

InMotion Concept

by NEVS Designers

Our heritage

We are a new company, but we see our future as an extension of our past. Since 1947, Saab cars have revolutionized the industry by rethinking the status quo. We build on our strong heritage, and, like Saab cars, we will continue to be innovative and daring. Our desire to challenge conventional thinking - whether a big idea or a small improvement - continues to inspire us. From openness in collaboration, quality in design and innovation in ergonomics, our Swedish heritage and culture continues to be a foundation for everything we do.

100% Electric

The electric car industry is growing rapidly and we are happy about that since we are convinced that the future is electrified. As the first joint venture company from outside the country, NEVS was granted an electric…

Freedom of Mobility

To NEVS, mobility solutions means that you should be able to go anywhere, at anytime without owning, or, in the future, even driving a car. lnstead, you will free up time – quality time to spend in a way that suits you…

Making Cities Flow

As much as 80 percent of public spaces in cities are being used for driving and parking cars. By offering smart mobility solutions, and by letting the user experience the benefits of having access to a car...