Information regarding treatment of privacy data at NEVS


All treatment of personal data performed by NEVS is handled in accordance with GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation.

Personal data collected by NEVS

The definition of personal data is according to GDPR all kind of information that can identify a human being, directly or indirectly. Typical personal data is name and address. The data we will process is the data provided by you yourself when you have shown interest in our company, products or services.

How NEVS process/use personal data

GDPR includes basically all possible processing of personal data. It can be anything from collecting, registration, storing, cross-checking or printing data.

NEVS will always process your personal data in accordance with current applicable legislation. We will process your personal data if it is a necessity to fulfill an agreement with you or when we have another legitimate reason to process it. Another reason why we might process your personal data is to enable a fulfillment of legal requirements.

The reasons why NEVS is processing your personal data

According to GDPR, personal data may only be processed for specific and explicit purposes. NEVS are processing your data based on the purposes of statistics, marketing, enabling service provision or in employment processes.

We process personal data for statistical purposes when we for example measure the number of opened newsletters submitted by us or feedback given to us on In some cases it may also be necessary to process your personal data to be able to reply to a question posed by you. For marketing purposes we are collecting demographic data such as name, email address and phone number, information which you have volunteered to us. We do this because we want to be able to send press releases, newsletters or invitations to events and seminars. In connection with an event we might also collect information regarding possible food allergies.

NEVS are also processing the personal data you provide us with when you apply for an employment at NEVS, such as name, contact information, cover letter and CV. Those personal data will be used to evaluate your application, to contact you or to fulfill legal requirements.

The collected data mentioned above will be deleted as soon as the purpose of the processing has been ceased.

Where NEVS save and process personal data

We will mainly store your personal data in Sweden. Transfer to another country within the European Economic Space countries (EES) might occur.

For some purposes we might share your information with others. It could be in case you apply for an employment at NEVS and we need to transfer your information to a recruitment consultant. When NEVS transfer personal data externally, that person would in that case constitute a third party in relation to you. We conclude data processing agreements with all hired third parties to make sure that they are following our requirements. These agreements ensure that they cannot do anything that contradicts our instructions regarding how personal data should be managed.   

Other cases where we might share your information externally is when there is in agreement. In that case your personal data could be shared with suppliers and business partners.

Security of your personal data

The security of your personal data is a high priority at NEVS and thus we have taken the necessary technical and organizational precautions to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, modifications, dissemination and destruction.

How to access and control your personal data/individual rights

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, 556889-7556) is responsible for the processing of personal data that is performed on behalf of the company. You have certain rights in relation to the company. For instance you are entitled to get information regarding your personal data at NEVS. You are also entitled to turn to NEVS if any data is incorrect or incomplete. Please observe that NEVS will only disclose information that we know for certain belongs to you. To make sure that we will not send any information to the wrong person, the information will be sent to your registered address. 

To access your personal data collected by NEVS or to request a correction or deletion, please send your request to the following address:


Saabvägen 5

461 38 Trollhättan

Mark the letter ”personal data”.



The latest update of the privacy policy was performed 2018-07-03