What does NEVS stand for?

National Electric Vehicle Sweden

When will the new NEVS car be available in my country?

We will begin producing our first 9-3 electric vehicle, with the aim of having cars and mobility services built in and around them available to Chinese consumers in 2019. Following this, we will expand our geographical presence to Europe. There are no formal decisions yet on our presence for other markets.

Why are you only producing electric vehicles?

Air pollution and global climate change are affecting quality of life for many people around the globe. With about 30 percent of air pollution currently caused by the vehicle industry, we have a responsibility to address this. For us, this means focusing only on electric powertrains. Despite many years of optimization and innovation, we believe that combustion engines are no match for electric powertrains when it comes to efficiency and the ‘pure joy’ of driving. Looking further into the future, and our own R&D pipeline, we see improvements that will make the future experience even better.

Can you elaborate on your mobility solutions?

The automotive world is currently undergoing the biggest transformation since the introduction of the first production car, the T-Ford. Electrification, autonomous driving, connected vehicles and new ownership models are among the main drivers behind this transformation, leading to entirely new usage scenarios and business opportunities. At NEVS, we’re developing the services that will help you move in entirely new ways and where simplicity, safety and social are key design principles.

Will production and R&D stay in Trollhättan, Sweden?

Our plan for the future is that we will support the Chinese market from our plant in China, which will be ready during 2018. To be able to sell electric vehicles in China, they need to be produced in China, otherwise the cars will be very expensive due to additional taxes and charges. Our plant in Trollhättan will be the site for global production. Our R&D facilities will be located in both Sweden and in China, but our headquarters will remain in Trollhättan.

Why are you focusing so much on China?

We are a Swedish company with global ambitions. However, we need to prioritize our focus. This means focusing on the Chinese market as a start, with its roughly 1.5 billion people. It’s a huge business opportunity when taking the sheer size and fast development of the market into consideration. But it goes deeper than that – we see that China has the ambition to lead the way when it comes to finding solutions for sustainable transportation, and we want to be part of that movement. We’re off to a great start, with a commitment to large volumes and a number of framework agreements already signed with our partners.

I want to join you - can I apply for a job?

Great! We’re always on the lookout for talent. Check out the Get on board section, where you can find the latest job openings and apply.

I am a supplier and want to get in contact - how do I proceed?

The best way to get in touch with us is to use the contact form on our website. Please provide as many relevant details about your company and your products and/or services and we’ll be in touch.

Will the new NEVS cars still carry the “Saab DNA”?

There are many different definitions of the Saab DNA. To some, it is the Turbo. To others, it is the distinctive design, smart solutions like the foldable cup holders, innovations like the system to prevent whiplash and for many, it is the passion for the car. While we won’t be offering a Turbo on our electric vehicles, we clearly and wholeheartedly carry our Swedish design roots with us into the future. Those roots include our desire to innovate, our focus on quality, the pure joy of driving, and the ability to offer simple, safe and social solutions to people who see themselves as individuals. Hundreds of our current staff have worked at Saab Automobile for many, many years. They continue to work with NEVS because they want to carry the legacy forward, while helping shape something new, something better: mobility solutions for a more sustainable future.

Why aren’t your cars called Saab anymore?

The Saab trademark was owned by Saab AB and licensed to NEVS. When we now start a new company from scratch we want to invest in our own trademark and not someone elses. The NEVS business plan is also fundamentally different from Saab Automobile. We are moving from a traditional car company, producing combustion engines, to a mobility service provider focusing solely on electric vehicles. A change of this magnitude means that a change of trademark is both appropriate and very timely. By doing so, we can carry the Saab cars brand legacy with us into the future, while also adding something new and contemporary. Our new trademark builds on this legacy, with its Swedish roots synonymous with innovation, quality, smart design and fun-to-drive vehicles. These traits are what define the brand, not the trademark itself, and so they are also the building blocks of NEVS.

I am looking for spare parts for Saab cars - where can I find these?

Please contact any of the Saab Official Service Centers, they can provide you with expert help directly. For addresses and more information, please visit www.saabparts.com.