To NEVS, mobility solutions means that you should be able to go anywhere, at anytime without owning, or, in the future, even driving car. lnstead, you will free up time – quality time to spend in a way that suits you; socialize with friends, work, or just relax – all in a personalized way. The user should experience the benefits of having access to a car, yet avoiding the drawbacks of owning one. Our aim is to bring back what the car once stood for; freedom, flexibility and convenience. This means that the user also contributes to improved traffic flow, more space, better safety and less pollution, making what is best for one, best for all.

Congested cities will not be resolved by adding more cars. Our mobility solutions will reduce the number of cars needed in urban areas and thereby decrease pollution and congestion.

Congestion ahead

It is simple math: the number of vehicles in urban areas has to reduce in order to solve the growing issue with congestion around the world.

The technology already exists, it is rather a change in business models and behavior.

100% Electric

The electric car industry is growing rapidly and we are happy about that since we are convinced that the future is electrified.

Making Cities Flow

Innovation and sustainable mobility enable opportunities for cities development.