A full service provider 
in automotive engineering

NEVS industrial services is a full service provider in automotive engineering, contract manufacturing, testing and related services. Our solutions are inherited from the people and equipment of Saab Automobil, with experience as a premium manufacturer on the global market for more than 50 years.

What can we offer?

What we do

Manufacturing – We provide manufacturing services from press shop to assembly, with world leading production quality.

Engineering – We offer extensive engineering experience with an impressive track record of solutions that have set new standards and changed the industry. 

Test and laboratories – We have the competence, equipment and systems to test everything from components to complete vehicles.

Facilities – We provide office space, workshops and storage space, suitable for both larger and smaller companies.

How we do it

By being flexible – We listen to our customers’ needs and adapt to their requirements with speed and agility.

With efficiency – We create a competitive advantage for our customers by providing lean and efficient solutions.

By ensuring quality – We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality in all our products and services.

What you get

Capability and competence – We guarantee excellent engineering solutions and capability established on extensive automotive experience, from concept to industrialization. 

Capacity – Our facilities can be used to test, develop and manufacture products, primarily within the automotive industry.

A brighter future – We offer services that will make you more focused, efficient and competitive on the global market.

Strategic location

Through the Port of Gothenburg we are able to connect with over 140 international destinations with daily or weekly services. The Trollhättan plant is directly connected via rail and modern highway system for fast and cost efficient incoming and outgoing logistics.


We are located in the heart of a highly creative cluster. The city of Trollhättan is known for its prominence within the automotive industry, and the knowledge has been carefully preserved. Today, the heritage of Saab cars lives on through companies operating in high-technological sectors, supported by research performed at University West.

Contact us

Daniel Peterson, Sales Manager
Manufacturing, Facilities, consultants, prototyping
Tel: +46 739 666 200, email: daniel.peterson@nevs.com

Thomas Fritzon, Key Account
Test and Labs, Prototyping, test engineering
Tel: +46 739 665 744, email: thomas.fritzon@nevs.com

Björn Landen, Key Account
Manufacturing, surplus equipment & inventories, SQ- engineering
Tel: +46 739 665 477, email: bjorn.landen@nevs.com