For the first time, NEVS now publishes a sustainability report.

Sustainability is the foundation for our business. “To shape mobility for a more sustainable future” is not only a vision statement – it is our mission. Aligned with our corporate strategy as well as our brand commitments, our efforts come from a common view of the future: mobility must be more sustainable – and we see that NEVS can contribute to sustainable mobility with our products and services.  It is this desire to make a difference that permeates the entire company, in everything we do.

Sustainable mobility for us means less congestion, less pollution, better quality of life and using cars more effectively and efficiently by reducing the number of cars needed on the road for the same amount of transport work. When we are working with partners to find innovative mobility solutions, talking with customers about new business models, or taking care of our global employee base in Sweden and China – sustainability is a priority.

But sustainability means much more than that to NEVS! Please take a look in the report to see what we did during 2017 and how we look upon the future, a sustainable future!

Please read the sustainability report in pdf format:

Icon NEVS Sustainability report 2017 (3.2 MB)

Fredrik Fryklund
Director Communications and Public Affairs
Tel: +46 520 86 126