lntegrated solutions creating opportunities for greener, cleaner and more vibrant cities.

Living space

As much as 80 percent of public spaces in cities are being used for driving and parking cars. By offering smart mobility solutions, and by letting the user experience the benefits of having access to a car, yet avoiding the drawbacks of owning one, we will reduce the need for both roads and parking space. This enables new opportunities for city development that will improve the lives of the people who live in it.

Quality of life

For friends, family and for yourself.

Our destination

We are on the path of creating an ecosystem with knowledge, partners and capabilities to make greener cities happen.

Freedom of Mobility

To NEVS, mobility solutions means that you should be able to go anywhere, at anytime without owning, or, in the future, even driving a car. lnstead, you will free up time – quality time to spend in a way that suits you…

Opportunities in Motion at CES

We are determined to make a positive change for those around us and for generations to come. So we went back to the drawing board to redefine the future of sustainable mobility. Meet us at CES Asia...

100% Electric

The electric car industry is growing rapidly and we are happy about that since we are convinced that the future is electrified. As the first joint venture company from outside the country, NEVS was granted an electric…