In conjunction with Wednesday's ceremony in the G60 Science & Technology Innovation Valley in Shanghai, it was clear that NEVS's main owner, Kai Johan Jiang, through his company NMEH has bought into the company Mimer, while NEVS is about to enter as a partner in Elways.

Kai-Johan Jiang explained that Tri-Network is a global subject that really lies in time.

"NEVS has already been at the forefront of tri-network technology through the acquisition of Saab Automobile and now we continue with Elway and Mimer," he told.

The acquisitions are made to facilitate NEVS to establish and develop "Tri-network", with intelligent electric roads, which are expected to revolutionize future transport.

At the Shanghai ceremony, Gunnar Asplund, who founded Elways 2009, participated in Shanghai. The technical solution, which means that electric cars can be supplied with electricity directly from the road, (known as conductive charge), which means that the cars do not have to stop for charging the battery. This eliminates the current limitation of batteries and increases the number of electric vehicles.

Elways has applied for 20 Swedish patents, 17 PCTs and 39 international patents. So far, 17 Swedish patents have been approved.

The technology has been tested over the past ten years and analyzes show that an electrified roadmap can reduce the number of charging posts by 90% and battery usage by 80%. It is also stated to extend the battery life by 300%. Thus, the electric car's production cost can be reduced by 40% and operating costs by 50%.

"This technology makes it possible for electric cars to use lower capacity batteries and thus lower weight, which makes electric cars less expensive than conventional vehicles in terms of purchase price and operating costs," explained Gunnar Asplund.

NEVS is also a partner in Mimer, based in Uppsala. Mimer delivers database solutions, where the vision is that their product "Mimer SQL" will be the most flexible database of all.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standardized programming language for retrieving and modifying data in a relational database.

In order to promote the development of self-propelled cars, Elways will integrate the electrified road technology along with Mimer's database management and built-in data processing solutions to provide real-time transport data delivery vehicles, ensuring safety and efficiency in autonomous driving.

This close collaboration between companies and a high degree of integration of technology helps to realize the tri-network concept.

Mimer has a sales and support office in Beijing, housed in NEVS modern office, not far from Beijing International Airport.

Wednesday June 20, 2018


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