Exciting things are happening at NEVS. Today is an important day for us, marking a new beginning for our company, and paving a new path to take us into the future.

Although it’s a new chapter, the story started long ago. We are taking our long-standing legacy of innovation and design with us as we set off towards new challenges. 

From today onwards, we are NEVS – both on a company and product level. With that comes a new logo, a new look and a reinstated commitment to, and focus on, electric vehicles and mobility solutions. 

Building on our car manufacturing heritage, we will continue to focus on quality, craftsmanship and people-centric solutions, but we will add new dimensions to our business through our partnerships and collaborations. In doing so, we will leave the Saab trademark and go forth with a new identity that will support our large and increasingly important vision – to shape mobility for a more sustainable future. 

Just as we look to the world out there to help us build the mobility solutions of the future, we look to each and every one of you as an important player in the movement we are shaping. Our distinctiveness comes not only from innovative technologies and our strong partnerships, but also from our heritage in challenging conventional thinking – whether it’s a small idea or a big improvement. 

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Mattias Bergman, President