NEVS presents its first generation of autonomous vehicles with a connected user interface, a mobility solution for smart and sustainable cities. The self-driving vehicle Sango is the centrepiece of the system.


A new way to get around

Sango – The vehicle built for autonomous driving and for sharing

• Optimized for shared mobility in city environments.
• Electric-powered and fully autonomous.
• Adaptive interior design that fulfills different ride demands.
• Made to be shared with others, feeling of privacy while sharing a journey with strangers.


Sango has six movable seats and is fitted with privacy walls. Users can divide the vehicle interior into four smaller areas for private journeys, ride with friends using the social settings or travel comfortable with loved ones in the family mode.

A new era in mobility has arrived

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Okulo – User interface in an app

The Okulo app is an important customer interface. It is designed to be simple to use, personalized and filled with all the relevant functions. The intuitive design enables an effortless experience during the whole customer journey, from booking to payment. Help is close by whenever customers need it, via the app or directly in the vehicle if preferred.

Koro – Fleet management

We have developed a mobility service platform that orchestrates the customer interfaces and supports service operations. The platform is built on cost-efficient, reliable and globally scalable modern architecture.

NEVS Fleet Management system Koro takes care of all maintenance, repair and backstage services for the vehicles to ensure efficient operations. The system automatically optimizes the balance between customer demand and supply of the rides at any given time.

PONS Mobility Ecosystem

Shared, Connected and Autonomous.

InMotion Concept from 2017

We went back to the drawing board to redefine the future of sustainable mobility.