In collaboration with the City of Lund and as part of Drive Sweden’s Strategic Innovation Program  , we are pleased to be part of the recently approved Brunnshög Automated Sustainable Electromobility project (BASE) to combine mobility solutions that will allow a change of established behaviors when it comes to shared mobility, reducing in the use of private cars, and promoting innovative and sustainable urban development.  

The City of Lund is part of one of the 100 climate-neutral cities proposed by the European Commission to have100% fossil-free vehicles by 2030. The project will launch at Lund’s new district,  Brunnshög, a world-leading living, innovation, and research ecosystem. Approximately 40,000 people are estimated to live and work in the area by 2050, and autonomous on-demand services are to be integrated in the development. 

The City of Lund has set an ambitious target where at least two-thirds of the traffic to/from and within Brunnshög must be by other means than privately owned cars. As project partners, we will introduce an all-electric and fully autonomous mobility solutions that will significantly reduce private car use and promote sustainable urban development. 

We are really excited to be part of the Drive Sweden project in Brunnshög. The City of Lund is a role model when it comes to sustainable city development and a window that will inspire many other cities and show that autonomous on-demand mobility services are just around the corner.” Adam Laurell, Director Mobility Solutions Business 


Image credit: Lunds Kommun